Audit engagement – Reviewing the file and the financial statements

Length: 3 h 30

Updated training for 2023-2024


The work is finished, the audit file is complete. We are at the stage of reviewing the file and the financial statements, just before we deliver them to the client. Where should we start, what needs to be reviewed, how should we communicate our review notes?

The objective of this course is to present a working method for reviewing an audit file and the financial statements to be issued. We will go through all the steps: from planning to documentation and finalization of the review notes.



  • Review of the objectives of the file review (in general and in depth)
  • Determining obligations under the Canadian Standards on Quality Management  (CSQM 1 and 2)
  • Who should review the files?
  • Distinguishing between file reviews and engagement quality control reviews
  • Planning the file and financial statement review
  • Effectively reviewing the audit file and the financial statements
  • Communicating the review notes to the members of the team
  • Training your staff

Audit file

  • Establishing documentation requirements and objectives
  • Documentation features and requirements
  • Pitfalls and tips
  • Writing and communicating review notes
  • Reviewing the review notes
  • Diagnosing improvements to be made next year

Financial statements 

  • How and when should financial statements be reviewed?
  • Pitfalls and precautions
    • Under Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE)
    • Under Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNPO)
  • Identifying the most common mistakes
  • Communicating with and training your staff

Last but not least

  • Work with a Paradigme file template in order to better apply these concepts
  • Have a critical mindset
  • Comments from the professional inspection
  • Understanding and mastering Paradigme Questionnaires
  • Discussion with participants


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