Accounting and assurance standards – Revenue recognition

Length: 3 h 30

Updated training for 2022-2023


Amendments on revenue recognition, with new criteria to clarify the measurement, recognition and reporting of revenue in the financial statements.

In December 2019, CPA Canada amended Section 3400 Revenue to incorporate new criteria on revenue recognition. Initial application was planned for fiscal years beginning on or after January 1, 2021. However, given the pandemic and in order to address the concerns of businesses and practising professionals, application of these new recommendations has been delayed for fiscal years beginning on or after January 1, 2022. Early application is permitted.


Identify, understand and apply new accounting rules in financial reporting.

  • Review of basic concepts
  • Identifying the changes
  • Determining units of account
  • Additional indications:
    • Percentage of completion method
    • Multiple elements
    • Reporting revenue gross or net
    • Bill and hold arrangements
    • Upfront non-refundable fees or payments
  • Clarifying the amendments in the Appendix to Handbook Section 3400
  • Impacts of the changes in financial statements and initial application of the changes to financial statements
  • Documentation for audit and review files

Last but not least

  • Presentation of the changes made to the Paradigme Questionnaires
  • Practical examples:
    • Case scenarios to demonstrate revenue measurement and recognition
    • Examples of situations that may require an adjustment to the financial statements
    • Examples of notes to the financial statements
    • Discussion with participants


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